The following are external excursions which we can provide you for a discounted price. Get a chance to go out and explore what this beautiful country has to offer!

Whether you’re a beach lover, a foodie, an explorer or an adventurer, we promise we have something for everyone. The best part is, we’re fairly close to all major attractions.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to explore your options as we are here to provide you everything you need. We work with local businesses and tour agencies to provide an intimate experience to all looking for an extra kick to their vacation.

Mangroves Safari

You don’t even have to leave the hotel for this adventure. Right in our backyard, start this boat safari in the Keembi Ela river and enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna and different wildlife as you cruise through calmly. It’s truly a serene experience everyone must try…!

Galle Fort

This historic living monument is just 09 km from KURULU Villa. The fortress is an UNESCO world heritage site and is a prominent figure in Sri Lankas history. The fort was built during the Dutch colonization period in Sri Lanka and went through the hands of Dutch, Portuguese and the British!

Spend the day and walk along the cobblestone streets admiring the different influences or sit by the ramparts of the fort which overlook the ocean and Galle town. It’s impossible to miss the beautiful lighthouse so take a picture with it and enjoy as it lights up the fort at night.

Dutugemunu Ancient Temple

A hill top temple situated just 04 km away from the Villa. The history goes back to around 01st AD and the summit of this hill had served as an observation point during wartimes as it gives 360” birds eye view that extends over hundreds of miles. Climbing up hundreds of steps to the summit justifies the same as you can witness the Many beautiful ancient aesthetic works such as sculptures, Murals and Paintings

Trek – Ride along the Dam

This dam was built in early 1980’s along either banks of Gin River to mitigate the flooding situation that occurs every year with the two Monsoon Rains. The banks raised about 15m above the ground and gives an eye soothing 360’ view. Just try a Bike ride along the dam either Sunny Morning or Breezy Afternoon.

Turtle Conservation Site – For the animal lover

Five out of the seven species of sea Turtles come ashore to nest on Sri Lankan Beaches, making it an ideal country for the tourists to go Turtle Watching.

The Turtle can only be approached when she starts laying the eggs because by then she is engaged in a very mechanical, almost trance-like behavior and it is unlikely for her to be frightened by spectators.

Stilt Fishing – For the inquirer

Historically, this art of fishing in Sri Lanka started after the Second World War when some innovative fishermen used discarded ‘iron poles’ to make stilts by planting them in the reef, which has been replaced with timber poles today. It’s a traditional Sri Lankan method of fishing for mackerel and other smaller fish delicacies.

It’s fascinating to see how these fishermen stand on these wooden stilts and flick their wooden poles around to lure in the fish which they sell in local markets.

Rain Forest – Kanneliya / Singharaja – For the nature lover

You don’t need to go to the Amazon to have a rainforest experience, because Sri Lanka has two right here! You’ll be surprised to know that over a half of the surrounding trees & plants are not to be found anywhere else in the world except in Signharaja – the Tropical Rain Forest and an Unesco World heritage Site. It’s blooming with lush greenery because it rains almost every day…!!

Train Ride – For the explorer

Looking for an exhilarating experience among the locals? Take the train from Hikkaduwa to Matara and enjoy some of the most beautiful sceneries along the way. In the town of Matara, do some at local markets and don’t be afraid to test your bargaining skills! You can also visit a neighboring beach where you have the chance to snorkel with gigantic turtles and find some exotic fish. Board back the train heading towards Colombo and get down at Hikkaduwa.

Visit Mirissa – For the beach lover

The Famous Beach town not to be missed along the southern coast.

Click here to read about 12 amazing things you shouldn’t miss in Mirissa!


Moonstone Mines – For the adventurer

Sri Lanka is known for its quality in gems, especially sapphire. Visit the moonstone mines and go down into the deep, narrow shafts from which the stones are mined to witness the process yourself. The mysterious gem, as captivating as the full moon gleaming in the night sky, is considered sacred and has been used in jewelry for centuries.

Tea Trail

You hear Ceylon everywhere in Sri Lanka but ever wonder what it is? Ceylon tea is the main crop of Sri Lanka and which countries from all over the world adore. The number one export in Sri Lanka is its tea.

Spend the day as a tea plucker and see how intricate the process is and the accuracy with how fast the workers pluck. The workers must swiftly pluck the leaves at the bud and toss them behind in the basket hung over their head.

Originally designed and created by the British over a 100 years ago, this tradition is still in perfect operation. The process is a very artisanal one, unchanged for a century.

Cinnamon Trail

Similar to Ceylon Tea, Cinnamon has been rooted deep in Sri Lankas history. Legend holds that the Roman emperor Nero burned as much as he could find of this precious spice on the funeral pyre of his second wife Sabina in A.D. 65 to atone for his role in her death. Experience and explore it for yourself and see the cultivation and harvest of this spice which is processed into many products.

Dancing Masks & Puppets

Experience the rich taste of Sri Lankan culture which boasts bright and colorful displays. See how the traditional dance masks are made just about 20 km away from your Villa. Witness how they convert a mere wooden log into an attractive finer artwork that’s been practiced in the same way over the centuries by generations.

Ayurveda Massage – Upon Request

No vacation is complete without a massage to relax your mind and body. At KURULU Villa, you can experience an authentic Ayurvedic massage using ancient Sri Lankan methods that have been passed on from one generation to another. We also offer all other massages and herbal treatments upon request.

Yoga – Upon Request

“ To Unite “ the meaning, Yoga the systematic exercise that enhances physical and psychological well-being.

Water Sports

  • Kayaking
  • Catamaran Ride
  • Diving
  • Surfing
  • Snorkelling
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